Can Hypnotherapy stop smoking

How can Hypnotherapy stop smoking ?

Apparently it is said that smoking is addictive, hence the reason why you can not stop. I would dispute this on the grounds that, if it were true then a smoker would have severe withdrawal symptoms when they took a twelve hour flight overseas. Smokers don't experience this, neither do smokers wake up after a couple of hours sleep because they are addicted to smoking. 

Smoking is a habit, you wake up in the morning and you go into a routine, if it is normal to just pick up your cigarettes then that is what you will do. At 10am coffee break you lite up. You go for a drink and have a smoke.

The hypnotherapy argument is that the brain works on a number of levels, but to keep it simplistic you have your logical part of mind (conscious) and the emotional mind (sub-conscious). The logical mind knows that smoking will kill you, everyone says it, news papers are full of it and of course every packet nowadays show the effects of smoking. So why would any logical person not unerstand that if you smoke it will probably kill you..  They do so this is where the rational argument comes from i.e. you are addicted.

The reality is that you know that smoking is bad news, but if  came at you armed with a cigarette could I kill you with it? I don't think so.. The emotional mind deals with comfort an security, nicotine does poison you but you don't die from smoking that one cigarette and it creates a nice warm relaxing feeling. Now when your emotional mind is not engaged in the fight then bingo you just take another one because I can always pack it in tomorrow.

Recently a friend collapsed because of a lung infection, he nearly dies. He related the lung issue to his smoking, the emotional mind had a wake up call and he hasn't smoked since.

If the client really wants to stop smoking a hypnotherapist can make some powerful suggestions to the sub-conscious mind to bring it in line with the logical mind. But remember if you really do not want to stop there is nothing going to stop you.

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